The Frank Vivirito Experiment 




Biological                                      Just a few vital statistics on the author of these web pages.  The tracking of my DNA strands can be found at my family link below.

Space                                          The International Space Station. Interior and Exterior Computer Graphic models.   US, European, Japanese and Russian Modules.

Art                                                 A lot of the art on these pages are images and models that I created for computer games.  Some of the art is from computer simulations and some are for the fun of it.

Geospatial                                   Navigate 3D worlds via Google Earth.  Environments are created using Global Mapper and ESRI.  Information comes from Lidar and Dted data.  The 3D geometry is generated in Max and Maya and imported via Collada.

Navy                                              My experience in the United States Navy.  3D animation of a P3 Orion from my squadron, Patrol Squadron Eight.  Some old Navy buddies from Boot Camp and Patron 8.

Organic                                         Images of some of my real gardens:  some weird trees, a greenhouse, grape arbor, and a movie of the fish pond.  This is the inspiration for the digital garden I am now rendering.

Mechanical                                   1946 Chevrolet pickup truck restoration project.  This link records progress in a series of images and details the work.  There are also some pictures of my already completed 1976 Harley Davidson Sportster project.

VRML                                            Virtual Reality Modeling Language.  Being able to reach out and look into a 3D world is the goal.   The first implementation of a  GUI to interact with a 3D world is in.  The older version that uses hot-keys is still functional..













The purpose of this site is to experiment with art.  This site contains art in the form of rendered 3D models, animation, procedural, traditional, and virtual reality.  Also included is the inspiration for my work that includes a wide variety of influences including a military background, work in government simulations, creation of game content, my enjoyment with gardens, nature, antique trucks and motorcycles.  Graphic user interfaces (GUIs) are a big part of the project... you know, focus on function as well as the content.  Using and learning the best of all the tools available to create art for the Internet.  Right now my tools of choice are: Maya (my favorite program), 3DS Max, Photoshop, Vegas, SoundForge, Flash, and Director. 


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